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Achieving Results and Making a Difference

Youth empowerment and poverty reduction through human resource development


APDA invited a delegation of Asian and African parliamentarians to visit project sites in Cambodia in 2013. One of them was aimed at helping women in the community to develop income-generating skills and promoting poverty reduction. The project site was furnished with looms and tools loaned out by the government for free, which people can use to develop their weaving and handcrafting skills to produce cloths and baskets. The project also provided people with the training in the skills necessary for finding markets and controlling product quality, which enabled quite a few people to establish small-scale businesses of their own. This first-hand observation encouraged a Member of Parliament from Uganda to apply Cambodia’s initiative to his own country. Soon after he took office as Minister of State for Health of Uganda, he launched a skills development project of this sort, greatly helping young people earn a living and reduce poverty.

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