APDA The Asian Population and Development AssociationAPDA The Asian Population and Development Association

APDA National Committee Consultation Meeting

8 December2021, Djibouti City, Djibouti

The Group of Parliamentarians on Population and Development of Djibouti (GPPD) welcomed representatives of UNFPA, APDA and FAPPD to a consultation meeting on 8 December 2021.

Hon. Hassan Omar, Chair of GPPD, presided over the meeting, joined by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly H.E. Safia Elmi.

Ther attendees were briefed on maternal and child health and GBV situations in Djibouti, compering with 30 years ago and demonstrating the progress the country has made since then. As for capacity building of the National Committee, she suggested engaging in many regional and inter-regional activities, such as study visits, so that the members can benefit from them.

The summary of the meeting was streamed on the national TV channel, Radio and Television of Djibouti (RTD), and the leading local newspaper, La Nation, published the story about it.

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