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APDA has worked toward fulfilling its mission to achieve sustainable development and build a society where people can live with dignity, and we ask sincerely for your support through membership.

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Learn, Act & Tell

One of the best ways to make a difference is to learn, take action and spread the word. Population issues cover a vast array of problems such as gender equality, the environment, health, human rights, poverty and so on. Population is such an overarching factor in the cause of many of the world’s concerns that it must be comprehensively tackled by each and every citizen of the world. There are many resources to learn of the details of each issue and ways individuals can make a difference. Donations are one way but there are many more actions you can take, depending on the specific population issue, that cost very little time or money. The environmental problems we face with climate change and water shortages is one such example. By reducing your ecological footprints on the earth and encouraging the people around you to do so as well, you can make a big difference.


Parliamentarians, as representatives of the people, have a large role to play in decision making on population and development issues. As a member of the public you can voice your concerns to your representative through letters, emails or at public discussions and encourage them to take a strong stance in parliament on tackling population and development issues.

As a parliamentarian, you can be influential in setting up or strengthening your national committee on population and development and in advocating the public on population and development issues. Legislation related to population issues need to be promoted and budget allocation for these issues will make a long term difference to sustainable development.


APDA welcomes donations in Japanese Yen and appreciates the generosity of the public and corporations in supplementing the funding that is received from donors which allows us to train more parliamentarians on the pressing issues of population.
Planned Giving is another way to make a difference when you leave this world. Please contact apda@apda.jp for more information.


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